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Kabbalistic Healing: A Path to an Awakened Soul

Price: $14.95
Item Number: Inner Traditions, October 2004

Kabbalistic Healing shows how the Kabbalah--the Jewish mystical path to knowing reality--can kindle the central fire in our being so that we can unite with the divine. It describes the ultimate healing possible for the human soul: an awakening to our true nature that makes our former life seem as if we have been asleep.

The Kabbalah is not an advanced study; it is the first study, because it speaks directly to our fundamental desire to know what life is about. To Shulman, the Kabbalah is the living experience of our real self, the self that is always connected to God, the self that lives in God the way a fish lives in water.

Kabbalistic Healing is about the process of unification, of joining with reality, and the implications of that process for daily life. It draws upon the author’s work at A Society of Souls, which promotes the belief that the ultimate form of healing is to create a unitive or nondual state of consciousness, integrating the healthy human ego into its proper relationship with transcendent reality. As we deepen our understanding of our true selves and enhance our ability to hold new states of consciousness, we are able not only to heal ourselves but to help heal others as well.

  • A guidebook to using the Kabbalah to transform our consciousness in order to heal the body, mind, and spirit
  • Describes a process of unification with God and the healing implications of that process for our daily life
  • Introduces four kabbalistic universes that form a topographical map of reality
  • Offers a unique perspective on human consciousness and the nature of existence from a leading modern kabbalist

"This lucid book of deep healing is a brilliant contribution to the spiritual literature bridging Eastern and Western thought. Shulman's bigger view unifies seeking and being-there, path and goal, transcendence and immanence, with the joy of a true master."

Lama Surya Das, founder of the Dzogchen Center and author of Awakening the Buddha Within

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