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Quality is the Center of the World - Jason Shulman Lecture

Price: $25.00

The power of our spiritual path comes from the fact that all of the exercises, meditations and healings in NKH; all of the theory and actualizations of Impersonal Movement; the healing variations of the Work of Return and the core of the Magi Process itself are seated in, and bring people to, a state of relatedness which we can call Quality.

In the past, we have not concentrated on this state of Quality itself but on what becomes possible when a person is seated in Quality and acts in the world. Thus we have become healers, teachers, mentors and examples of commitment to the open Heart.

However, by examining Quality itself and learning to experience it beyond any particular content, we become more able to live Quality on a moment by moment basis. This will help the world immeasurably by making our relationship with Quality more clear and thus allow us to become centers of healing in our daily life.

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